A Taste of Penang

(Part 3)


Hello again! This is the last part of our “A Taste of Penang” series, who else is feeling sentimental? ☹ Without further ado, let’s have our last supper!


  1. Pasembur

You won’t be able to guess what this dish is. This is a form of salad, and let me guarantee you, it’s the most exotic salad you’ll ever taste in your life! Pasembur is made of shredded cucumber to relieve the heat from our hot and humid climate, potatoes to give you that fullness in every bite and bean curd and prawn fritters for some extra texture. A sweet, spicy and nutty sauce is then poured over this dish to give it extra flavour. I can say that this dish is an acquired taste, because to be honest, I myself am not a huge fan of Pasembur! However, this dish is quite popular among Malaysians therefore I’m including it in. Let me know in the comments section about your opinions on this unique dish. Get this plate of delicious confusion for as low as RM3.50 ($0.82/ £0.65).

Kareem Pasembur Rojak – 7, Lebuh Union, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang.


  1. Wantan Mee
    Interesting fact: This dish was actually created by the Cantonese. For anyone who has tasted the Hong Kong version, ours is also similar except we add thin slices of barbecued pork to the dish to add the extra flavour. This dish consists of springy egg noodles, topped with either deep fried or boiled shrimp dumplings, with some pork slices and some horrible green vegetable which I always pick out from my bowl (Anti-greens fam where you at?). But do you know why Anti-greens fam still take order this no matter how many stalks of greens are added in? It’s the secret sauce! This sauce is actually oyster sauce and is widely used in Chinese dishes. Get this yummy dish for only RM3 ($0.70/ £0.19)!

Hong Kee Bamboo Noodle Lebuh Campbell Penang – 37, Lebuh Campbell, George Town, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang.


  1. Oyster omelette

This is easily my favourite dish of all time! This dish is exactly like its name, omelette with oysters. However, potato starch is added to the omelette to give it a thicker consistency. I do have to give you a heads up! The oysters used in Penang are not as humongous as the ones you slurp straight from the shell. To give it a kick, this dish is normally accompanied with a tangy and spicy chilli sauce which really leaves you craving for more. Get this yummy dish for RM10 ($2.34/ £1.87).

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor – 160, Lebuh Carnavon, George Town, 10100 George Town, Pulau Pinang.


Well, that’s it for our “A Taste of Penang” series! I hope you enjoyed going on a food tour with me, because I sure did. Hold up, did you hear that? That’s the sound of my grumbling tummy, got to go! I will see you all in the next post.