Talk like a Penangite (Part 3)

Welcome back again to the Talk like a Penangnite series! Today we will use all the skills you’ve learnt from Part 1 and Part 2 and incorporate them to create the most Malaysian sentences ever!

You might be very confused by now, so here are a few examples to help clarify things up.


  1. Boss, boleh dabao for me ah?

Translation: Excuse me (shop owner), can you help me pack this up for take away?


  1. Eh brother, cheaper lah! My wallet kosong liao.

Translation: Excuse me (shop owner), can’t this be cheaper? My wallet is going to be empty!


  1. Wah your son endao ba, can get straight As, some more listen to mummy, whole package liao!

Translation: Wow, your son is so handsome, gets straight As for his exams and is so obedient, he’s the whole package!


Bear in mind that there are always multiple languages used in each sentence. This shows how diverse we are, yes, even in speech.